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    Neem and Scabies

Itch mites or scabies are affected the same as lice are by neem. In a test of 814 people with scabies a mixture of neem and turmeric cured 97 % of the infected patients in 3 to 15 days.

In another test, alcoholic extract of dried neem leaves mixed with a carrier lotion which was then spread on the effective skin completely cured all patients tested in just three days.

Previous treatments of these patient with benzyl benzoate and sulpha drugs had faled to cure these same patients.

Since scabies usually effects large areas of the skin, however, soaking in warm bath water with neem leaves tincture added as recommended.

After soaking in the water for about fifteen minutes, a neem soap should be used to wash thoroughly. After the bath, a neem-based cream or lotion should be applied.

The itching should be relieved immediately and the scabies eliminate in a few days. As the mites can effect bedding and clothes, all contaminated clothing should be washed with a neem soap in very hot water.

Research on the dermatological effects of neem include successful treatment of ringworm and scabies, according to a study from King George's Medical College in Lucknow, India (New Delhi Evening News, Jan. 29, 1985).

Wash the body with Scalp and Body Neem shampoo or soap, towel dry. Lotions/creams should be applied to the whole body, taking care to treat the webs of fingers and toes and brushing the lotion/cream under the ends of the finger nails.

The cream can be applied to the hands during the day, after hand washing. Actually I suggest that the cream be applied whenever one has the time or they feel itchy. Before going to bed apply the lotion to the entire body making sure to get between toes and fingers, folds and creases in the skin. Also the cream can be used for several weeks even after the Scabies have gone as it will help heal post-scabies skin irritation.

Adults take 2 Neem leaf capsules 3 times daily for 3 weeks to boost their immune system, increase blood circulation. Continue to take the capsules daily for 3 weeks then cease taking them for a week.

Neem Special Pack

Neem Leaf capsules should not be taken by pregnant women or by men or women trying to concieve.

Neem leaf capsules are not recommended for children under the age of fourteen years of age.

Neem contains a substance similar to Aspirin. For this reason we do not recommend neem leaf capsules to people with known allergies to Aspirin.

People who take Aspirin should not take Neem leaf capsules.

Neem leaf capsules are not recommended for children under the age of fourteen years of age.

Clothing: It is important to wash all clothing the infected persons came in contact with and to dry these clothes at a high heat. I would add Tea Tree Oil to the clothes wash. Every item of clothing that one comes in contact with each day should be washed as above. I also suggest to people that people damp dust around beds and soft furnishings.

Treatment of pets: I apply my neem cream to our three dogs coats, a small amount is sufficent and brush it through the entire coat. I also apply a little into their ears to prevent them getting ear mites. Our dogs also get some neem leaf powder in their food now and then to help keep them healthy. I also add garlic to their food and they love both.

In one Indian study 814 people were treated for scabies using a paste made from the spice turmeric and Neem oil. The paste was applied daily and 98.7% of the cases were cured within 3 to 15 days.(1)

Neem and Turmeric
Neem (Azadiractica indica) and turmeric (Curcuma longa). In the Ayurveda and Sidha systems of medicine, neem and turmeric are used to heal chronic ulcers and scabies. Charles ~and Charles (1991) used neem and turmeric as a paste to treat scabies in 814 people. Ninety-seven percent of cases were cured within 3 to 15 days. The researchers found this to be a cheap, easily available, effective, acceptable mode of treatment for villagers in developing countries, with no adverse reactions

The use and efficacy of Azadirachta indica ADR ('Neem') and Curcuma longa ('Turmeric') in scabies. A pilot study....READ


Scabies is a contagious disorder of the skin caused by very small, insects or mites called the Human Itch mite or Scabies itch mite. The female insect burrows into the skin where she lays 1 - 3 eggs daily. A very small, hard to see, zigzag blister usually marks the trail of the insect. Other more obvious symptoms are an intense itching (especially at night) and a red rash that can occur at the area that has been scratched.

The most common locations for scabies are on the sides of fingers, between the fingers, on the backs of the hands, on the wrists, heels, elbows, armpits, inner thighs and around the waist (belt line).

If untreated, the female will continue to lay eggs for about five weeks. The eggs hatch and the new mites begin the cycle all over again. The mites themselves are too small to be seen without magnification. One of the great problems with scabies always has been misdiagnosis.

Scabies is spread by personal contact. It is usually found where people are crowded together or have frequent contact, and is most common among school children, families, roommates, and sexual partners. Scabies can be spread by the insect itself or by the egg. Prompt action is required to rid a person of the insects and eggs.

Possible Complications: Secondary skin infections from scratching.

Articles of Interest about Neem & Scabies

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The use and efficacy of Azadirachta
indica ADR ('Neem') and Curcuma longa ('Turmeric') in scabies. A pilot study.

Charles V, Charles SX.

Babies and children are more at risk from pesticides than are adults for the following reasons:
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