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1.A Case of Poisoning in London

2.Lindane Reportedly Causes Seizures

3.How to Tell If Your Child is Infested

4. Woman is numb one year later

5. Fatal asthma in a child after use of an animal shampoo containing pyrethrin

6. Malathion based head lice treatment sickens child

7. Lindane treatment for head
lice damaged my son


Babies and children are more at risk from pesticides than are adults for the following reasons:

Babies have more fat on their bodies than adults and pesticides are stored in fat.

 Research has shown that recommended head lice treatments have caused serious and sometimes fatal side effects - even after only one application.

A Case of Poisoning in London
A London Times article of October 5, 1997 reported, "Alison and Keith Thomson from Carlisle started treating their three boys with the delousing lotion Derbac-M after an outbreak of nits at their local primary school last year. 'We kept treating them for about three or four months because they kept getting re-infected,' said Allison. 'I asked the doctor if it was okay to keep using it, and he said it was fine.' Just before Christmas Paul, developed flu-like symptoms. He became lethargic and his personality changed. By Christmas he had become incontinent and could hardly walk. Doctors have said a possible cause is [organophoaphates] poisoning."

In that same article, Dr. Vyvyan Howard, senior lecturer in fetal and infant toxio-pathology at the University of Liverpool verified that possibility and added, "I have used these lotions [head lice treatments containing pesticides] myself in the past but knowing what I do now, I would never dream of using them again on my children."1


Lindane Reportedly Causes Seizures
In the U.S., the National Pediculosis Association (NPA), a non-profit health education agency, received within a two year period, over 1100 reports of the harmful side effects of head lice treatments containing pesticides. 500 of those reports related specifically to Lindane, used in the head lice preparation most commonly known as Kwell. According to Steven Pray, Professor of Nonprescription Products and Devices at Southwestern Oklahoma State University, "We have tragic histories of children who experienced the same ill effects intended for the lice."

One serious problem from lindane was reported in the Ladies' Home Journal, "William Carpenter, an Albuquerque, New Mexico, attorney represented the family of a healthy nine-year old who was treated for head lice in 1986 upon the recommendation of their physician. The child did not have head lice; her baby brother did, but treatment for the whole family was recommended. The child used the shampoo [containing lindane] in the shower, followed by a cream rinse, and suffered a seizure just hours after the one application. She suffers from brain damage and permanent seizure disorder to this day."2

After evaluating NPA's reports to the FDA's Medical Watch Program, the FDA now warns that pregnant women and infants should not use lindane and that it should only be used as a last resort after all other available treatments have been tried. This same drug is identified by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry of the US Department of Health Services as a hazardous substance and is banned in 18 other countries while being highly restricted in 10 others. Despite all this, nearly two million lindane prescriptions are still filled each year in the U.S.3


Woman is numb one year later
A year after school governor Marjorie Graham, 64, used an insecticide treatment for head lice, she is left with a numb torso and arms - mystery symptoms her doctors can't explain. She is urging parents to use non-chemical methods of head lice control on children. 'They wouldn't even notify the medical authorities of a possible reaction until I insisted....Read

Fatal asthma in a child after use of an animal shampoo containing pyrethrin
An 11-year-old girl had been diagnosed with asthma at age 6 years. She had never been hospitalized and had rarely received steroids. Her only medication was albuterol, which was taken by inhaler as needed...Read

Malathion based head
lice treatment sickens child

She has very long hair and apparently some of the medicine had gotten into her mouth. We had her rinse her mouth out with water for quite a while. We also had to get her into the shower to rinse off her head because of the pain she was in....Read

Lindane treatment for
head lice damaged my son

I used Lindane on him repeatedly, and he developed eye blinking, which the Dr. misdiagnosed as conjunctivitis, and allergies. My son was treated for both with no improvement. He went from being the sweetest kid, to having awful tantrums, and he would make these loud, piercing noises. What really saddens and scares me is the FDA and EPA know how dangerous Lindane is, but continue to allow it to be prescribed to our children....Read



1. "Head Lice Getting Ahead of Treatment, Officials Fear", I, April 12, 1997, p.1.
2 . "Head-lice Lotion Poses Health Risk to Children", The London Times, October 5, 1997, p.3.
3 . Lyons, Paula, "The Most Dangerous Medicine", Ladies' Home Journal, June 1994.
4 .Snyder, Karyn, "As Children Return to School, Lice Are, Again, in the Spotlight", Drug Topics, September 2, 1996 v140, n17, p68(2).

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