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NeemWell© Lotion
Is specially formulated for dry skin and can be used on the scalp for various conditions.

NeemWell© Scalp Lotion has been used successfully to treat Head Lice and psoriasis, chickenpox, eczema, shingles and ringworm on the scalp. Use in conjunction with NeemWell Shampoo

To ease the symptoms of psoriasis, chickenpox, eczema, ringworm and shingles apply the lotion to the affected areas. For use on the scalp rub through the scalp with fingers and leave for several hours. It can be applied to smaller areas as required.

Neem Lotion for Head Lice
As a head lice treatment apply NeemWell© Lotion to the scalp, ensuring that the hair and scalp are completely covered with the lotion.

Pay attention to the nape of the neck and behind the ears.

Cover the head with a plastic shower cap, leave it for at least 2 hours or overnight if possible, and then comb the hair with a nit comb, thoroughly cleaning the whole scalp.

When washing the hair apply NeemWell shampoo to dry hair in order to remove the lotion.

This procedure can be followed until you are certain the scalp is clear of Lice and debris. Make sure to fine comb the hair on a daily basis to remove all dead and dying lice and their eggs.

Using the lotion and shampoo on a regular basis may help to prevent infestation and will condition the hair.

Neem and Turmeric Lotion for Scabies
People who have been diagnosed with scabies and who have used conventional treatments to no apparent avail have reported that using the lotions either got rid of the scabies or made them realise that they were indeed suffering from post scabies irritation and by continuing to use the chemicals they were using their skin was becoming more and more damaged.

In one Indian study 814 people were treated for scabies using a paste made from the spice turmeric and Neem. The paste was applied daily and 98.7% of the cases were cured within 3 to 15 days.

Apply daily after showering with NeemWell Shampoo and/or soap. Also apply a Neem cream or Neem lotion throughout the day to itchy areas and to help moisturise the skin, espically after washing hands.

Neem Oil lotion for post-scabies
Apply as often as required to dry, sore and inflamed skin.

Neem Oil Lotion Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis
Apply as often as required to the affected areas. Keep area dry. Avoid using harsh chemicals. Check your diet. Do not pick at sores as this can cause bacterial infections and scars.

When treating any medical condition it is prudent to proceed with caution, although reports of side effects and adverse reactions to Neem are rare.

Even though millions of neem consumers exist in India alone, the pharmacological effects have rarely been studied under controlled environments. Neem has never been reported to have an adverse effect when applied topically or for dental use.

It is recommended that personal reaction and tolerance to neem need to be tested at the onset of use. Applications of neem should begin with small quantities, with the individual evaluating his or her body's reactions. If any unnatural side effects develop discontinue use and contact a Neem therapist.

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