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   First of all , thank you  to everybody who
has shared these email Testimonials about their experience using our Neem products.

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As you see, we get great feedback by email, which helps us refine our therapeutic advice to those trying neem for the first time.

   Below are recent emails
from people using our
Neem creams, lotions, etc.


» Hi Kathy,
25th Jan '05
  Just an update to let you know, the neem cream worked fine and my
flatmate is clear of scabies now. I never did get them either so that's
fine by me!  The neem oil is working really well for spots too.

Thanks for all your help!
R. Ireland

» Dear Kathy,
   At first I was a little suspect about purchasing Neem. I wasn't sure if something I never heard of before could have cured me of what seemed to be the most dreaded bug ever, scabies mites!
   " I did a little research and found out that there were tons of websites and people who sold Neem. So I became a little more willing to believe it could cure me. Most of the websites I went to were very vague in detail, the staff never responded to my e-mails, and it would even take 6 long weeks on top of that to receive the Neem.
   " Luckily I found you, you were VERY knowledgeable, diligent in making sure I understood what I was getting, and you even sent my Neem in less than a WEEK I thought you lived in my neighborhood!
   " When I received my Neem I didn't do anything too outrageous. I started using a sheet instead of a cover because it was easier to wash. I washed my bedding about every three days with regular detergent. The shower's I took were hotter than normal, and I jumped at every chance I got to sit in a hot tub and that's about it.
   " I wasn't a social outcast because I had scabies, if anything I was cleaner with BETTER skin than I ever had been in my life :) My family and friends wouldn't have known I had Scabies if I didn't tell them. I didn't itch or anything.
   NeemWell / Kathy, you truly are a blessing from God to me and others. I have a very strong belief in God and I thought the only way I could get rid of scabies was by Him healing me supernaturally.

   I hope that everyone (religious or not) can understand that this is not a hazardous product, but a NATURAL product they can put on anytime and it will heal them. And you can just have normal blemishes or scars and it will heal those as well. To Kathy and the very talented people at NeemWell thank you!
~ Joe"

Appreciative Client
March 24, 2004
» Hi Kathy,
  The beginning of March you sent off some products to BC, Canada. Just wanted to let you know (for future reference) that it took 10 days to arrive. We are finally rid of scabies. The lotions, shampoos, and soap are wonderful (thanks for the couple extras). What great products! Thank you soooo much again ~B

Post Scabies Itch
 » I am currently using NeemWell's Neem products and feel much better. For nodules it's fantastic.
  I had these nodules from the end of last summer (when my daughter first had the medical analysis of eczema) and the months we went through of stupid things we were just the same. Meanwhile, of course, we all go on and get the scabies. Great! These horrible nodule which were scabby bumps all over my upper arms have, after 2 weeks of using Neem, are all but completely gone.
~ S.

» " During the week also had a few red blemishes on one of my hands, neem made that disappear within a few hours which was nice."

» " My family has been plauged with the scabies mite, The neem seems to be healing it up quite nicely."

NeemWell Creams, Lotions Oil, Leaves and Shampoo
are safe for topical use on all age groups.
Neem leaf capsules should not be given to
anyone under the age of 14

Our products are to support healing,
not to replace a practitioner.
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NeemWell Creams, Lotions Oil, Leaves and Shampoo
are safe for topical use on children over 7 years.
Our products are to support healing,
not to replace a practitioner.

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