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   First of all , thank you  to everybody who has shared these email Testimonials about their experience using our Neem products.

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As you see, we get great feedback by email, which helps us refine our therapeutic advice to those trying neem for the first time.

   Below are recent    emails from people    using our Neem                                               creams, lotions, etc


  Melanotic Schwannoma

» Dear NeemWell
7 July '03
  My friend is suffering from Melanotic Schwanoma in the spine D-11, D-12 since Jan '01.

   In Jan 02 chemotherapy was recommended by his doctors and in Jan 03 it was found that the tumor has neither increased or decreased in size. With this the doctors recommended that it be removed by surgery and it was done in Jan 03. After that no chemo was given.

   In the 1st week of July it has been discovered that the tumor has spread to at least 7 more bones on the spine. Now the doctor says it is not possible to remove those by surgery and chemo be given. Even after that the spread is so fast that he may not survive beyond a couple of months and also with lot of pain.

   At the moment he is not able to walk as both his legs are simply not moving. I shall be extremely grateful to you if you can suggest any alternative remedies.
                                   With regards,                                        S, India

Dear Kathy
22 Jan '04
  Do you remember me sending you a mail regarding my friend who was suffering from Melanotic Schwanoma?

  I had approached you when the doctors had refused the patient saying that no more treatment is available and the survival chance was 1 in a million.

    With your advice we had started neem therapy and with Mr. Dunne's advice started giving the patient food/fruits rich in vitamin B17.We had started Dr. Johanna Budwig's diet also. With the help of different sites in the Internet you had recommended we had devised a food plan which was clean and rich in vitamins and easy to digest.

   My friend is on the road to recovery. In the last 8 months the pain in the body from 24 hours a day has come down to zero. He does not take any painkiller now. He is healthy. Only thing is that the tumors had put pressure on the nerves which had made his body paralytic from waist down. Now doctors say with time this will also be all right.

   We and our family members express our thanks to you and Mr. Dunne for valuable guidance and timely advice when we were in dire strait and which resulted in saving the life of my friend
                                  Sincere Thanks
                                      S, India

Dear Kathy
28 Jan '04
  Thanks for your response.

  In India neem capsules are available and it is an ayurvedic product. But for my friend we used Neem in the raw form. Every morning he chewed around 10 neem leaves plucked fresh followed by a glass of warm water.

  Then we used to put 10 to 15 leaves in 2 lt. of water and boil it for sometime and store it in normal temperature. Whole day he used to drink this water only.

   I must share with you the effect of use of this water on him. Within few weeks his urine became very clear and free from any foul smell which he said was there for all the previous months. He suddenly felt very light as well (less gastric problem). Even now he still follows drinking neem water.
                                     With regards                                           S, India

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