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  Discover the Ultimate Herb.

Neem Therapist,
Kathy McMahon says

"Neem is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory,
anti-histamine, and regulates the immune system.

" There's nothing better
    for treating your skin !

" All this from one tree! That's why in India, families use neem tree herbs and creams as part of the daily health routine for millions.

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  Neem leaf is famous in ayurvedic texts for having an almost magical
effect on the skin

" Neem's medicinal uses
are known for 4,500 years.

This remarkable tree has over
135 biological compounds -- making it effective for a wide range of common ailments.

Over 135 compounds
isolated from neem tree.

NeemWell skin products contain no parabens or other synthetic chemicals. Parabens have been linked to the cause of some breast cancers.


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Neem Oil Cream
4oz 100g $24


Neem Oil Lotion
9oz 250ml $38


Neem Oil Soap
4oz 100g $7


Indian Neem, olive oil,
palm oil, coconut oil, lye,
grapefruit seed extract.

Neem Capsules
100 pack $19


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Neem Leaf Cream 4oz
$24 + Shipping
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 Neem Oil Shampoo
8oz $17 + Shipping
More.... BUY
Neem Leaf Powder
7oz $23.85 + Shipping

Value Pack 1

Bottle of Neem Oil Lotion
1 Bottle Neem Shampoo
100 Neem Leaf Capsules

Good Value $65 +Free Ship

Value Pack 2

Jar of Neem Oil Cream
1 Bottle Neem Shampoo
100 Neem Leaf Capsules


Good Value $55
+Free Ship

Value Pack 3

jar Neem Leaf Cream
1 8oz Neem Shampoo

Good Value $35
+ P&P

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