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   What Every Parent
Should Know

We should be seriously concerned about the long term effects of our children's exposure to popular head lice and scabies treatments.

We should also be seriously concerned about the enviromental effects of these chemicals. Some of these chemicals are being banned from agricultural and horticultural use in order to protect the enviroment but continue to be recommended for human use. Strange that the EU should take it upon themselves to ban it from use on the land but still permit it as a human medicine.

Particularly worrying is the fact that our medical profession and education facilities are recommending them to unsuspecting parents.

Babies and children are more at risk from pesticides than are adults for the following reasons:
Babies have more fat on their bodies than adults and pesticides are stored in fat.

When an outbreak of head lice occurs schools send notes home to parents recommending certain products containing any one of the following:


A major Dublin hospital recommends the following for treating head lice and scabies:

· Malathion
· Permethrin
· Carbaryl
· Phenothrin
· Lindane


Researching these treatments shows:

Lindane is linked with serious health problems including breast cancer and may also disrupt the endocrine (hormonal) system. It is hazardous both to the people who use it and those exposed to it in the environment or in their food.

This chemical is banned in California.

Malathion, an organophosphate insecticide, is a cholinesterase inhibitor and has been found to disrupt the immune system.

In 1991 the US Environmental Protection Agency classified permethrin as a potential human carcinogen.

Permethrin and Phenothrin
German studies link exposure to permethrin and phenothrin with leukemia, lymphoid cancer and multiple chemical sensitivity(5).


In November 1995, the UK government's Committee on Carcinogenicity concluded that carbaryl is a potential human carcinogen. As a result, the Department of Health announced that head lice products containing carbaryl were restricted to prescription only. This followed reports of an association between family use of carbaryl in the home, garden and pet care, and childhood cancer.

Some symptoms
of pesticide exposure

Complaints of pesticide exposure that have been linked to head-lice treatments include burning sensations, skin irritation, headaches, dizziness, hyperactivity, increased susceptibility to infection and general malaise, with acute hallucinatory reactions linked to malathion and corneal damage following treatment with synthetic pyrethroids.

Neem the safe alternitive
There are alternatives to using toxic pesticides. Using natural herbs and oils such as Neem, which has been used in India for the last 2500 years.

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of Conventional
products on sale in the USA
· Aphtiria
· Bio-Well
· gamma  benzene  hexachloride
· Gamene
· G-well
· Kildane
· Kwell
· Kwildane
· LindaneUSP 1%
· Lindane 1%
· Locion-V
· Lorexane
· Scabene
· Scabex
· Thionex

names of conventional
products on sale
in Canada
* Hexit
* Kwellada
* PMS Lindane

Names of conventional
products sold in
other countries.
· Aphtiria
· Benhex Cream
· Bicide
· Derbac-M
· Davesol
· Delice
· Elentol
· Esoderm
· Full Marks Hair Lotion
· Gambex
· Gammalin
· Herklin
· Hexicid
· Jacutin
· Lencid
· Locion-V
· Lorexane
· Lyclear
· Naledyn Champu-Medicado
· Prioderm
· Quellada
· Quellada-H
· Sarconyl
· Scabecid
· Scabex
· Scabexyl
· Scabi
· Scabisan
· Varsan

These are the treatments recommended by
St James Hospital in Ireland:
· Malathion
· Permethrin
· Carbaryl
· Phenothrin
· Lindane

If you have information on side effects of any of the above please let us know

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