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   First of all , thank you  to everybody who has shared these email Testimonials about their experience using our Neem products.

Please go to the links on the right of the page to read feedback on specfic conditions.

As you see, we get great feedback by email, which helps us refine our therapeutic advice to those trying neem for the first time.

   Below are recent    emails from people    using our Neem                                               creams, lotions, etc


» Hey Kathy
Just to let you know that all the neem package arrived today! woooo!!!
~ J.G, UK

  » Hello there Dear Queen of neem
July 1st '04

  Well I'm almost ready to reorder neem . I finally convinced my father to try the powder after spreading some neem oil cream on his arthritic hand and he's having great results.... great to see that happen.... thanks.. and me,,,,,, well I was on neem 3 times a day for 5 days and felt much much better, little to no pain was the best in 3 years... after 5 days I stopped, and it took 4 days before symptoms returned.
~ Dan

» Dear Kathy,
  For my next order, I am thinking in adding the essentials oils of manuka and lavander to the neem oil lotion. Do you think it is a good idea or not?. I know I am not allergic to them because I have used them before with no problem at all.
  I am also interested in getting again your neem oil soap because the one I got in my last order was excellent for my skin.
Kind regards

» Hi sweetie,
February 05, 2004
  A pinch within to cleanse and clear, the same for skin, teeth and hair. Grown in gardens 'round the world, 'tis mighty Neem which soothes the soul. I just like my neem ~CP

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Neem leaf capsules should not be given to
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