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   Neem and Demodex
Demodectic Mange in Dogs
Neem preparations have been found effective for various ectoparasitic insects. In demodectic mange of dogs, a lotion with neem soap gave very good results (Tripathy, S.B., Tripathy, S.N. and Das, P.K. (1988) Therapeutic efficacy of Himax (lotion) and Trichlorfon in treatment of demodectic mange of dogs. Pashudhan, 3, 5). A compound herbal preparation containing Himalayan cedarwood (Cedrus deodora G. Don. f.) and neem controlled canine dermatitis caused by Demodex canis and Sarcoptes spp. Hair appeared after 24-28 days and there were no symptoms of toxicity (Das, S.S. and Bhatia B.B. (1993)

What is Demodex
Follicle mites infect many species of mammals, and they seem to have a high degree of host specificity (i.e., mites from one host species will not infect another host species). Humans are infected with two species of follicle mites, D. folliculorum, which lives in hair follicles, and D. brevis, which lives in sebaceous (oil) glands.

Both of these species are found most commonly in the hair follicles and oil glands of the face (particularly in and around the nose, eyes, and forehead). This mite can occur in a high percentage of the population (nearly 100% in older people), but, fortunately, these species do not usually cause "problems."

In those cases in which follicle mites do cause problems, they are most often associated with skin rashes, hair loss (particularly the eyelashes), and acne.

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