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Urinary Tract Infections and Neem

Neem's antibiotic and antiviral properties can be delivered to the urinary tract by drinking neem leaf tea made with five (5) neem leaves twice per dayfor one week.

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Toothache and Neem

Neem's pain-relieving compounds will temporarily reduce the discomfort of
a toothache. The vasodilation and anti-inflammatory compounds will reduce
the pressure on nerves that can cause the toothache. To reduce the pain and
inflammation, put a few drops of neem leaf extract gums near the site of the pain.

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Personal testimony
I was developing an abscess on a wisdom tooth which was very painful. I applied a small amount of neem leaf powder to the gum, this relieved the pain and reduced the inflammation. The gum boil healed within hours.

Pyorrhea and Neem

Pyorrhea is characterized by an inflammation of the gums and membranes that cover
the roots of the teeth. More teeth are lost by people over age 35 because of this disease than any other cause.

In a German study of 70 patients with pyorrhea of varying stages, after just 5 to 10 treatments with a neem-based toothpaste and mouthwash there was significant improvement.

Bleeding gums had healed and the secretion from pockets around the teeth had stopped. The bluish colored gums returned to a healthy pale pink color
(Zeppenfeldt, undated).

Neem bark is more active than the leaves against certain bacteria and is considerably less bitter making it the neem ingredient of choice in toothpastes and mouthwashes (Vashi and Patel, 1988).

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Syphilis and Neem

Neem has anti-spirochaetal properties so that it works as both as a preventative measure and in the treatment of primary, secondary and tertiary stages of syphilis (Siddiqui and Mitra, 1945); (Bhandari and Mukerjii, 1959); (Puri, 1993).

Neem creams used as a vaginal lubricant or birth control may be effective against the syphilis spirochete and may prevent contraction of the disease. As with gonorrhea, creams containing at least
25 percent neem oil were used.

Drinking neem tea made three times per day
for two weeks is recommended as treatment.

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Infectious Diseases and Neem

Thrush and Neem

Drinking neem leaf tea will promote healing and reduce the pain and inflammation. Children under 12 should only gargle with the tea and not swallow. For the redness appearing on the skin around the mouth, a
neem-based cream should be applied regularly until the infection has

Yeast Infection and Neem

For infections of the skin, rubbing a neem-based cream on the affected areas several
times per day, especially after washing or getting the area wet, will relieve the itching, heal the skin and get rid of the infection.

For vaginal yeast infections, a neem-based cream can be applied with cotton swabs or douche with neem leaf extract. Drinking three cups of neem tea for several days will help rid the body of both external and internal infection

Warts and Neem
Neem absorbs viruses and prevents them from infecting cells. Since warts are caused by viruses, neem is effective in treating them. To treat the wart, cover it with whole neem leaves or soak the gauze portion of a small bandage with neem leaf extract or a neem based cream and place it over the
wart. Change the bandage and reapply daily. After a week, check the area to determine the progress of the treatment.

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Stomach and bowels
Neem is regularly taken to correct problems with the stomach and bowels.
Neem promotes a healthy digestive system by protecting the stomach, aiding
in elimination and removing toxins and harmful bacteria.

Research article index
Peptic/Duodenal Ulcers

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Chagas Disease and Neem
Called the "American sleeping sickness", neem extracts prevent the deadly
chagas disease (Beard, 1989) by preventing the parasite that causes it from surviving
in its host, the biting "kissing bug".

A single dose of azadirachtin given to the "kissing bug" provided permanent resistance to the parasite, T.cruzi, thereby preventing transmission to humans (Gonzales and
Garcia, 1992).

By inoculating the "kissing bug" against infection by the parasite instead of simply poisoning the host, a buildup of resistance is
reduced. Neem leaf or seed extracts sprayed throughout the home where the kissing bug lives eliminate the parasite and prevents the kissing bug from laying eggs.

Drinking neem teas may also prevent Infection by transferring neem extract to the bug as they take blood.

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Skin Ulcers and Neem

Skin ulcers should be washed with a neem soap and covered with a neem lotion. For individual ulcers, apply neem leaf extract or damp whole leaves to the skin ulcer and cover with a gauze bandage overnight or until it is healed. Replace the bandage and extract daily. Drink two neem leaf teas
daily for three days in severe cases.

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Poor Circulation
Neem leaf extracts can cause the blood vessels to dilate, (Thompson and Anderson, 1978) allowing for increased circulation to the extremities.

Ingesting neem leaf extracts several times a week will enhance poor circulation and oxidize the blood.

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Parasites and Neem
Historically, neem has been used to rid the body of all forms of parasites. Scientists
have since proved that neem quickly kills external parasites and may kill internal parasites as well (Singh et al., 1979); (Obaseki and Jegede-Fadunsin, 1986); (Rochanakij, 1985).

There are numerous Ayurvedic preparations and home remedies using neem for this purpose throughout India. In fact, simple water extracts of neem leaves are preferred over standard treatments for lice and scabies.

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Neem for wrinkles

Creams containing neem oil can be used to prevent wrinkles by providing a natural skin protectant and moisturizer to the skin.

Antibacterial compoundes in neem protect the skin while immune stimulating compounds
help deeper layers of the skin fight any pathogens below the surface.

These neem compounds help healthy skin retain its suppleness (Puri, 1993). After washing and drying the skin, rub a few drops of neem based cream on areas that are particularly susceptible to drying and wrinkles.

To supplement the beneficial effects of neem oil, apply a face pack made from neem bark. As the face pack dries, the soothing compounds of neem bark are absorbed into the skin. This helps to reduce wrinkles and will make the skin feel smoother and appear younger. It is an astringent mixture that
tightens the skin and is particularly useful for hyper-sensitive people.

Kidney Problems
As guardians of the blood's purity, kidneys filter out the body's toxins.

When filtering out tremendous amounts of these toxins after an illness, the kidneys can become overworked. They can also be adversely affected by high blood pressure and infections in the blood.

To prevent kidney problems, drink neem tea or take neem leaf capsules with barley water at the onset of infection or for high blood pressure (Puri, 1993). This helps the body fight infections and lowers blood pressure,
allowing the kidneys to perform under less stress.

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Jock Itch and Neem
Neem seed oil and leaf extracts have been used for centuries to prevent fungal infections in the tropical regions where neem is found. Using a neem-based powder will dry the area, kill the fungus and reduce the itching.

If the skin is reddened, a neem-based lotion can be substituted

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Gonorrhea and Neem
Neem creams used as a vaginal lubricant or birth control may be effective against the gonococcus bacteria (Garg, et al, undated).

Using a neem-based lubricating cream may be helpful in reducing the chance of contracting the disease. Lubricating creams containing at least 25 percent neem oil were used in the tests, so lesser percentages may not provide the protection witnessed in clinical trials.

Traditional treatment after infection calls
for three cups of neem leaf tea daily for two weeks. If you require Neem products for this condition please contact me for further information.

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Fungi and Neem
Neem extracts are some of the most powerful antifungal plant extracts foundin
Indian pharmacopia against certain fungi (Khanna and Chandre, 1972); (Chary, et al, 1984).

In particular, research has shown that the compounds gedunin and nimbidol found in the neem leaf control several fungi which attack humans, including those that cause athlete's foot, ringworm, and even controls Candida, an organism that causes yeast infections and thrush (Thindand Dahiya, 1978); (David, 1965); (Murthy and Sirsi, 1958b); (Khan and
Wassilew, 1987); (Khan, et al, 1991); (Kher, 1972).

Compounds found in neem leaf called quercetins (flavanoids) are effective antimycotics. (Khan et al,1988)

Two researchers, basing their study on the ancient tradition of using neem to purify the air around the sick, have found that neem smoke exhibited extreme suppression of fungal growth and germination (Upadhyay and Arora, 1975)....

Food Poisoning and Neem
Salmonella bacteria, the major culprit in food poisoning, has been shown to be killed by neem extracts (Patel, 1962, 1965).

Although prevention is the best way to avoid food poisoning, once it has been ingested, neem is a viable option for reducing the length and severity of the attack.

Oral doses of neem leaf teas will soothe the upset stomach, help the body rid itself
ofthe bacteria and provide relief from many of the miserable symptoms.

Traditional Remedy

• To reduce fevers in adults drink two cups    of neem leaf tea made with five neem    leaves each.

• Repeat, if needed, after four hours.

Since some of the compounds in neem    resemble those found in aspirin, neem    is not recommended at this time for use    by small children for fever reduction


• Heat one clove of garlic in one teaspoon of   sesame oil.
• Let cool to just above body temperature.
• Add two drops of campho oil and five drops   of neem leaf extract or neem oil, then drip   into each ear.
• Use a bit of cotton in each ear to remove   excess and to prevent it from running out.

Neem acts to relieve the localized pain receptors, reduce inflammation and kill bacteria that can cause earaches.

Diaper Rash and Neem
If your baby already has diaper rash, wash the baby's skin with neem shampoo or
soap and dry with a clean towel. Then apply a neem-based cream or neem leaf powder to soothe the baby's skin, prevent diaper rash and to keep the baby's skin protected from moisture.

All babies get a red or sore bottom from time to time, even with frequent diaper changes and careful cleaning.

Some common reasons
for diaper rash include:

Irritation from a new product.
Your baby's skin may have come into contact
with something that irritated it. Possibilities include disposable wipes, a new brand of diaper, or a new brand of detergent, fabric softener or bleach used in the laundry. If you suspect one of these, change to a brand that hasn't bothered the baby before.

Generally, you'll have better results if you use products that have few additives.

Chemicals in new clothes.
Wash all new clothing before your baby wears it for the first time.

Sensitive skin.
If your baby's skin is sensitive change diapers frequently, washing the area with clear water each time. Allow your baby's bottom to air dry. And use a soothing ointment any time pinkness occurs.

Bacterial or yeast infection.
These can cause an irritating skin rash that
needs to be treated with prescription creams.

Contact your doctor if your baby has a rash that's stubborn and lasts more than a few days.

To help prevent diaper rash, avoid using super-absorbent disposable diapersbecause
they tend to be changed less frequently.

If you're using cloth diapers, wash and rinse them thoroughly.

Select snap-on plastic pants instead of those with elastic binding for better air circulation.

Neem and cholesterol
Neem leaf extracts reduced cholesterol levels significantly in recent studies. Alcoholic extract of neem leaves reduced serum cholesterol by about 30% beginning two hours after administration and kept the level low for an additional four hours until the test ended. (Chattopadhyay, et al, 1992).

Since neem is a safe herb when used in low doses, drinking neem tea for a month to stabilize cholesterol levels may be recommended.

For those that would only need small reductions or for after eating an exceptionally fatty meals neem tea as an after meal drink may be a an alternative.

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Chlamydia and Neem

A neem-based cream clears up Chlamydia trichomatous infections in one to three weeks (Garg, et al, undated). Chlamydia is implicated in many cases where women are unable to conceive due to scarring of the fallopian tubes.

Neem may be useful in preventing infection through the use of a neem-based cream as a vaginal lubricant. Immediately after intercourse or if the disease has taken hold, use of a douche made with water boiled with 50 neemleaves will act as a bactericide. For stubborn cases, supplement with two
cups of neem tea daily for a week to attack the agents from inside.

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Cavities and Neem

Neem extracts have helped millions of people in south Asia avoid cavities despite a very limited access to modern dental care.

Brushing with neem twigs and chewing neem leaves and seeds after a meal has been the
traditional dental care practice in this area. With available modern preparations many people are now using commercial products that contain thesame basic neem compounds.

Regular brushing with neem toothpaste and
rinsing with neem mouth wash destroys cavity-causing bacteria, enhances the
mouth immunity and prevents tartar and plaque buildup in much of the population of this area.

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Burns and Neem

Neem has been used for centuries to treat problems of the skin and to prevent infection (Singh, et al, 1979).

Neem reduces the pain, kills bacteria that can cause infection, stimulates the local immune system and promotes rapid healing with reduced scarring.

Burns are treated very effectively with a neem-based cream spread lightly on the affected area. Most minor burns can be treated successfully at home by following these steps:

• Cool the burn.
• Hold the burned area under cold running   water for 15 minutes.
• If impractical immerse it in cold water or   cover with cold compresses.
• Cooling the burn reduces swelling by   carrying heat away from your skin.
• Don't use ice to cool a burn because it can   further damage your skin.
• Don't use butter. Using butter on burned   skin can further damage your skin and   increase your risk of infection.
• Moisturize.
• Once a burn is completely cooled, apply a    lotion or cream.
• It will help keep the burned area from   drying out and may make the burn more
  comfortable as it heals.
• Continue to apply the cream until the burn    has healed completely.
• Bandage the burn.
• Cover the burn with a sterile gauze    bandage.
• Wrap the bandage loosely to avoid putting   pressure on burned skin.
• Bandaging helps keep air off the area and   reduces pain.
• Handle blisters with care.
• Fluid-filled blisters help protect against
  infection, so don't break them.
• If they do break, wash the area with mild
  soap and water and then apply an   antibiotic ointrnent and gauze bandage.
• Use over-the-counter pain relievers. If   necessary, acetaminophen or ibuprofen can   help relieve the pain of minor burns.
• Without further treatment, most minor   burns will usually heal in about one to two   weeks. But make sure you monitor the burn   for signs of infection.
• Sunburns may also be treated with   neem based creams.

Blood Disorders and Neem
Neem has been a major blood tonic and blood purifier in the systems of medicine found in India and Pakistan. In an analysis of 36 plant drugs attributed with blood purifying properties, neem was found to have the
widest range of beneficial effects (Vohora, 1986).

It is believed to removetoxins from the blood and promote a healthy circulation (Chattopadhyay, et al, 1992a).

Small amounts of neem leaf extracts have been found to protect the liver from damage when toxic agents were used to induce hepatocellular necrosis (Chattopadhyay, et al, 1992b).

Neem also can oxidize the blood to promote healing (Etkin, 1981).

Blood Poisoning
Kidney Problems
Poor Circulation

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Blood Clots and Neem
Neem compounds can reduce blood clotting which often close blood vessels and cause heart attacks. Occasional prophylactic use of neem tea may help keep the blood free of excessive clotting.

Bad Breath and Neem
The usual reason for chronic bad breath is bacteria, infections or gastric upset.

Neem toothpastes and mouthwashes contain proven antibacterial and anti-viral compounds that can stop bad breath where it originates.

The most common site of bad breath causing bacteria is the back of the tongue. The
bacteria that cause bad breath can form a film that is difficult to gargle away and must be either scraped or brushed away. Once the film is removed and the bacteria are exposed neem extract will easily destroy the bacteria.

If the cause is infection of the mouth, brushing the teeth and gums with neem toothpaste and rinsing afterward with neem extract will kill the infection and promote healing. For bad breath caused by gastric upset, ingestion of neem leaves or fresh seed kernel is traditionally recommended to relieve the upset and correct any acid imbalance.

Neem and high heart rates
Neem leaf extract exhibited anti-arrhythmic activity, returning to normal within eight minutes of administration, artificially induced arrhythmia.

Neem extracts can also decrease abnormally high heart rates. (Thompson and Anderson, 1978). Neem leaf tea several times a week may inhibit irregular heartbeats and help maintain normal heart rates.

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Tuberculosis and Neem
Tuberculosis is a bacterial infection that has been thought conquered untilrecently.
New strains resistant to antibiotics are claiming increasing numbers of lives.

Those weakened by AIDS are particularly susceptible but, as an airborne disease, it is very contagious. Neem oil and its isolate
nimbidol has shown antitubercular activity in sensitized guinea pigs (Murthyand
Sirsi, 1958a).

Another isolate, nimbidin, was extremely effective at controlling the cause of tuberculosis in humans, Mycobacterium
tuberculosis.(Chopra, 1958)

The leaf extract was the most effective form of neem and showed inhibition at dilutions of 1 part in 80,000.

Traditional Remedy
Traditional treatment involves drinking mild neem tea or breathing steamed neem leaves several times per day. Given the extract of leaves that proved most effective was derived through steam distillation the traditional treatment has been validated.

Mononucleosis and Neem
Possibly related to hepatitis, "mono" should be treated with a mild neem tea three times a day for two weeks. The length and severity of the disease should be much improved if the regimen is followed.


Hepatitis and Neem
A dangerous disease, hepatitis can be transmitted through blood or by ingesting contaminated food or water. Studies have indicated that neem extracts can block infection by the virus that causes it (Unander, 1992).

Prevention is recommended by drinking neem leaf tea after eating shellfish and after swimming in or drinking water potentially contaminated with sewage.

Viral hepatitis is a deadly disease with no effective remedy. Indian tests indicate that as much as 80% of the test cases showed significant improvement when treated with neem. (Wagh, 1988)

Conjunctivitis and Neem
The inflammation of the eye can be treated with drops of room temperature neem tea prepared from powdered neem leaves. (Puri, 1993)

(Tincture should not be used due to the alcohol used in the extract.)

A few drops of the tea into each eye every three hours for one day should be sufficient.
Overnight, a natural cream with neem oil should be wiped around the eye and eyelid.


Intestinal Worms and Neem

Neem teas are regularly used throughout the tropics to rid the body of intestinal worms (Singh, 1980).

There have been conflicting reports as to
its effectiveness, but few who use neem for intestinal worms doubt the efficacy of neem. Neem leaf teas twice per day for one week is the usual method for eliminating these parasites from the body.

For childhood pinworms apply neem oil or creme to the anal opening for relief from itching.

One hour after taking aqueous leaf extracts or neem tea weak excitation and increased activity are seen, while decreased activity and lower muscular tone occur after five hours (Debelmas and Hache, 1976).

Nimbidin has a mild suppressive effect on the central nervous system (Pillaiand
Santhakumari, 1984b).

Neem leaf extracts have shown to produce lower activity, respiratory rate and muscle tone passivity as well as dose-dependent hypothermia (Gandhi, 1988); (Singh, 1986).

The active compounds may be limonoids, because most seem to be able to pass the
blood-brain barrier.


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Encephalitis and Neem

An outbreak of Japanese encephalitis in India was apparently ended when children were dosed twice a day with crushed neem leaves (Larson, 1993).

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Neem for Mosquito Repellant

Neem products repel and affect the development of mosquitoes.

Two percent Neem oil mixed in coconut oil, when applied to exposed body parts,
provides complete protection for twelve hours from bites of all anopheli.

Recipe for Neem Tea

Distilled water should always be used when making tea. Measure one good handful, about one cup of whole leaf, to one quart of
water. If using leaf powder, use one ounce or one quarter cup of powder
per quart of water.

• Bring the water to a boil.

• Remove from heat.

• Add the whole leaf or powder.

• Cover and let it stand overnight or 24    hours.

With the leaf you simply strain the liquid, put into a bottle or jug and drink as needed.

When powder is used put the brew into a tall glass jar or bottle and let it stand in the refrigerator until the sediment settles to the bottom. Then draw off or siphon the liquid on top into a jug or storage bottle.

The tea should be kept in the refrigerator for long term storage. If left out a scum forms in the liquid. You can use grapefruit seed extract as a preservative with some successes (10 drops per quart) but refrigeration is still the best method.

Vitiligo is believed to be an autoimmune disorder that causes patches of skin to lose their color. While it is most obvious in dark skinned people it occurs in about 0.5 percent of the population regardless of race. The only treatments are exposures to sunlight (or PUVA) or corticosteroid drugs. But these treatments are often not effective.

Oral doses of neem were tested on fifteen patients with at least one-year history of vitiligo. In addition to the oral neem doses a cream of several herbs was applied to the patches the exposed to sunlight. The results showed that after ninety days 25% of the patients showed complete relief and another 60% showed mild to moderate relief. There were no adverse reactions to any of the participants in this group. Those that were able to continue the treatment the longest obtained the most improvement indicating that complete improvement could have been obtained by the participants had they all stayed on the regimen.

The dosage in the test was four grams of neem leaves three times a day, preferably before each meal. External application of the cream in the study is impracticable in the west, as the ingredients are almost impossible to obtain. However, in other studies the use of neem (leaves and bark) internally without the need for any applications to the skin worked well. Given the immune stimulating properties of neem oil and its effects on other skin problems it is quite possible that neem oil applied to the affected area could aid in the reversal of the discoloration caused by vitiligo.


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