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The information in this website should not be construed as medical advice or making medical claims. We simply report the experiences of others with Neem, and let you decide if it is for you. The products we sell are meant to support healing, not to replace a practitioner.

Neem is generally considered an extremely safe product, even after centuries of daily ingestion in India, where it is used as a toothbrush and placed with food to protect against insects, no danger has been documented.

Children in India and Africa eat Neem fruit with great enjoyment during its fruiting season. Rats treated with Neem oil in laboratory studies actually gained weight instead of showing ill effect.

A German study using oil from clean Neem seed showed no toxicity at dosed in excess of 5000mg per kg (Neem, 1992).

Neem should not be taken by anyone (male or female) who is pregnant or trying to conceive. It also contains compounds similar to those in aspirin and should not be used to treat children with fevers. And while people in some countries use neem oil internally, we definitely do not recommended taking neem oil.

Within those limitations, neem is generally considered to be one of the safest medicinal herbs available. The FDA's Office of Special Nutritionals maintains an extensive database of adverse affects from herbal medications which does not include any references to neem that would indicate potential problems. Even the Extension Toxicology Network documentation for using neem as a pesticide shows that it is "relatively non-toxic" and caused no significant problems even at the extraordinary high dosages fed to laboratory rats as part of the approval process required by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Small amounts are as
effective as larger doses.

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Neem leaf capsules should not be given to
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Our products are to support healing,
not to replace a practitioner.

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