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    Neem and Anxiety

Nervous Disorders:
One hour after taking aqueous leaf extracts -- or Neem tea -- weak excitation and increased activity are seen, while decreased activity and lower muscular tone occur after five hours. Nimbidin has a mild suppressive effect on the central nervous system. Neem leaf extracts produce lower activity, respiratory rate and muscle tone passivity as well as dose-dependent hypothermia. The active compounds may be limonoids, because most seem to be able to pass the blood-brain barrier.

Headaches and Neem
Neem leaf (capsules) contains compounds similar to aspirin (prostaglandin inhibitors) for the relief of pain. Neem also helps reduce blood pressure, open constricted blood vessels and relax muscles and reduce anxiety. Each of these effects can act to reduce the causes of headaches including migraines.

Headaches are the most common reported medical complaint. They are divided into three categories:

Tension headaches.
About 9 of 10 primary headaches are tension headaches. They produce a dull pain, knot or pressure in your neck, forehead or scalp.

Migraine headaches.
About 6 percent of all primary headaches are migraines. They may be preceded by a visual change, tingling on one side of your face or body, or throbbing on one side of your head.

Cluster headaches.
These produce a boring pain around one eye and often begin at the same time of day.

Natural health practitioners throughout south Asia continue to use neem as an important part of their treatments for many of the illnesses and conditions they encounter. They usually use neem because of its historical background and because they find it works.

As more scientific studies are done on neem and its benefits revealed natural health practitioners and modern medical doctors alike are gaining new respect for this ancient healing herb. As a mild calming and anxiety reducing herb, neem can find many uses in medical facilities worldwide.

Interesting Reading

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