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Neem in Animal Health

For centuries Neem has been used in India provide health cover to livestock in various forms. It has also very widely been used as animal feed. Ancient Sanskrit literature indicates that Neem applications were used by Nakul and Sahadeva in the epic of Mahabharata as well as afterwards in a large number of indigenous prescriptions and formulations.

Almost every part of the tree is bitter and finds application in indigenous medicine. Records exist that Neem has been used in a large number of ailments in animals ranging from systemic disorders to infections and injuries.

In modern veterinary medicine Neem extracts are known to possess anti-diabetic, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties and they have been used successfully in cases of stomach worms and ulcers. The stem and root bark and young fruits are reported to possess astringent, tonic and anti-periodic properties. The root bark is reported to be more active than the stem bark and young fruits. The bark is reported to be beneficial in cutaneous diseases.

Our suppliers have a specially created Neem biomass which when added to water forms an uniform suspension for external application over the Animal body to remove external parasites like Ticks, Fleas, Hornflies, Maggots to name but a few.

Mode of Action:
1. Feeding deterrence: Reduced ingestion and digestion of food.
2. Poor growth and development
3. Reduced longevity and fecundity
4. Oligospermia,reduced egg hatching,mating disruption,oviposition deterrence.
5. Moulting failure.
6. Neem biomass has 136 liminoids and more,which simultaneously act against external parasites,hence they do not develop resistance against the product

Effect of Neem oil has been evaluated in diabetes as antihyperlycaemic agent. The Neem oil has shown antihyperglycaemic effect in dogs.

Guerrini VH Effect of
azadirachtin on Damalinia ovis in sheep

Organic Farming and Neem

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